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This journal is purely for the purpose of reading, commenting on and posting fanfiction.

I'll read pretty much anything centering around a member of KAT-TUN or NEWS provided that the story sounds interesting. I'm more biased towards smut and angst but every now and then I need a good dose of light, sparkly fluff to keep me happy. My OTP is (as you may have guessed) JunDa.

My writing so far mostly consists of JunDa, with an odd appearance of other KAT-TUN/NEWS pairings and/or members. And I'll probably stick to that, though I'm hoping to branch out more to write more varieties of those pairings.

Regarding Akanishi, I'm not a fan, at all, but that doesn't mean we can't be friends if you are, though I should probably point out that if he appears in any of my fics it will be in a negative role, and I don't usually read fics involving him unless it is completely AU and has a really interesting story...or JunDa is a key pairing in it...JunDa trumps everything :D

I'm always happy to make new friends so feel free to add me if you want, I don't bite, but I will always post fics to kattun-fanfics (or a similar community) so you don't need to add me to know when I post fics. Also none of my entries are friend-locked and anonymous commenting is enabled :D

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